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Brie & camembert

Belle Crème cheese

A triple cream cheese; creamy and unctuous, with a mushroom and nut-flavoured bloomy rind, depending on the age of the cheese.

Brie d'Alexis cheese

Double cream Brie with a supple, melting body and fresh-nut aroma. 

Brie Bonaparte cheese

Double cream cheese with a remarkably supple ivory body; elaborated so as to obtain an immaculate rind. 

brie coco cheese

An unctuous triple cream cheese with a light mushroom, nut-flavoured bloomy rind, a slight hint of salt, and a touch of wonderful coconut flavour. 

brie de portneuf cheese

Regular Brie with a white, bloomy rind; supple body; slightly fruity. 

Brie de Portneuf Double Cream cheese

White rind, double cream Brie; delicate and natural; melting and unctuous body; fresh nut aroma.