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Cantonnier cheese

Cantonnier is a semi-soft pressed cheese, uncooked and surface ripened with a washed rind. It distinguishes itself with its effervescent flavour, reminiscent of fruity cream and fresh apples.

Doré-Mi Plain cheese

Unripened, semi-soft cheese that is excellent for grilling because it does not melt.

Doré-Mi with Mediterranean Spices cheese

Unripened, semi-soft cheese; its fresh taste is subtly enhanced by mediterranean spices and exotic flavourings.

Doré-Mi with Indian Spices cheese

Unripened, semi-soft cheese, with a fresh taste that’s subtly enhanced by Indian spices.

Raclette cheese

Semi-soft surface-ripened cheese with a washed rind. Delicate taste, fruity and lactic with a butter and almond aroma; well balanced between salty and acidulous.

Smoked Gouda cheese

Gouda cheese with smoked flavour. Tender consistency and well-balanced taste between buttery and smoky notes.

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